cargo container pallet home

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So many architects have begun converting cargo shipping containers into houses, apartments, offices and more – so how could you pack any more sustainability into an entirely recycled building? By adding wooden pallet walls to the exterior, of course!

cargo container prefab home

Container homes are more than just eco-friendly – they are cheap, quick and easy to build and transport. Likewise, recycled wood pallets are a ready source of reused material but they also provide essential shade while letting natural ventilation via the existing overlaps in their stepped wooden slats.

cargo container home interior

Since both shipping containers and their smaller recycled-pallet counterparts and standardized, they work well for modular construction – predictability in size, shape and structural capacity makes these materials to built with.

cargo shipping container homes

With pallets on the outside to filter light and air and containers on the inside to provide a weather-tight space for permanent occupation, these designs by Infiniski may look somewhat strange but they are fully-functional, relatively inexpensive and extremely green accommodations.