Spanish design group Masquespacio is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to their dreamy designs, whether it’s through imaginative interiors that mimic a space’s function through colorfully creative touches, or futuristic features that elevate everyday spaces from banality into the realm of the surreal. One needs only to glance their portfolio to enter a world rich with riotous color. Standout projects include a rainbow-hued re-imagining of Bun Burgers in Milan and a dreamy, pastel infused eatery in Lyon, France.

Colorful facade of the Masquespacio-designed Mango Teen store in Barcelona, Spain.

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Now, Masquespacio is stepping even further into the future with their newest offering in Barcelona: a Mango Teen store that’s an iconoclastic invention steeped in both the physical and digital worlds. Brimming with bright, vivid hues and expressive angles, the store echoes the color palettes commonly favored by the firm in past projects. However, in a dramatic departure from the norm, here they’ve decided to take their vision to the next level, creating a real-life/metaverse mashup where multipurpose features reign supreme.

Mango Teen offerings are displayed amidst colorful mesh surfaces.

Mango Teen offerings are displayed amidst mirrors and vibrant green surfaces.

Designed as a way to connect teens with a new “spatial identity,” the firm wanted to create an immersive store that reflected the world many young people find themselves spending increasingly more time in. As Masquespacio’s Ana Hernandez said in a recent statement, being a teen is “…a time when you start to dream big, without taking in mind the limits. [But] above in your dreams, strange things are happening that are out of the box…things that are not real.”

Bright orange entry arch starts shoppers on their surreal Mango Teen journey.

It is this dreamlike aura that defines the new Mango Teen store. Like a trippy multi-layered onion, its real-life layers are peeled back to reveal doorways into the metaverse a la Alice in Wonderland, beginning with the brightly-colored entrance arch, where shoppers make their backlit way into the store, and ending with a dreamy, distorted dressing room experience whose reflective surfaces and Art Deco flair creatively combine the store’s hybrid ethos. According to Masquespacio, these dressing rooms were one of the shop’s most requested features.

Sign next to the Mango Teen store fitting room reads

The store’s real-world features ground the colorful space in reality while also serving as immersive multipurpose stations. A hotel reception desk doubles as a checkout counter, a swimming pool doubles as an exhibition space, and a washing machine acts as a recycling spot where customers can donate old clothes. The distinctive decor is also meant to mimic the store’s digital/analog combo, with matte surfaces and brightly-lit reflective paneling in beautifully deliberate fashion. Elsewhere, the blending of straight and curving organic lines is a nod to Mango Teen’s inclusive message, meant to evoke an atmosphere of gender neutrality.

Surreal fitting room in the Masquespacio-designed Mango Teen store incorporates interactive metaverse features.

Masquespacio has raised the bar even higher on their colorfully creative vision with their new Mango Teen store in Barcelona. Here, reality itself is distorted and reimagined to reflect the ever-growing digital world waiting just behind the (dressing room) curtains.