front of doll house melbourne

A former worker’s cottage in Fitzroy, Australia was turned into a small and sweet home with surprising features like multiple courtyards, exposed brick and a loft accessed by a ladder. Re-named The Dolls House by design studio Edwards Moore, the layout of the home was simplified and enhanced with charming little details throughout.

courtyard opening doll house

interior courtyard doll house melbourne

The volume of the home has been divided into three rooms. A small courtyard separates each area, putting the living room at the front, the kitchen/dining area in the middle, and a bedroom/bathroom in an extension at the back of the house.

dining room melbourne

living room doll house australia

The rough but sophisticated look of the home is what makes it so unique. There are walls with peeling plaster, exposing the brick beneath, sitting next to designer furniture and accessories.

bedroom doll house melbourne

bedroom courtyard

The two courtyards receive large amounts of sunlight each day, brightening up the home and creating inviting spaces that are at once indoors and outdoors. The courtyards also serve to separate yet connect the different areas of the home.

alcove to couryard melbourne house

ladder to loft doll house

To preserve part of the home’s heritage as a worker’s cottage, the architects decided to leave the street facade the way it was. It is the smallest house on the street, but once inside it is obvious that this tiny home has huge personality. The owner wanted an uncomplicated home, and he got just that with the stylishly rough and raw surfaces found throughout the house.