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In case you were looking for more shelves, here are some shelves you can add to your shelves so you can have some more shelves with your shelves. But in all seriousness: this home’s interior is almost entirely covered in … shelves.

As you may have surmised, the client has a need for shelving – they own an extensive Islamic book collection and asked for (then received) maximum shelf space built into their home, via “a lattice structure made from 25mm thick laminated pine-board which serve as book-shelves. The dimensions of each shelf are as follows: 360mm height, 300mm width and 300mm depth.”

But it goes beyond the shelves: “All of the architectural elements in this space (stairs, windows, desks, chairs, etc) have been designed on the basis of this shelf scale, with the aim of achieving geometrical harmony which is comparable to Islamic Architecture.”

And the shelves do more than simply store things, too: the interlocking system is also designed to add earthquake protection via additional lateral stability. In a sense, the shelf was the starting point, but it morphed into the consistent unit from which the rest of the design then naturally flowed. Designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio.