Cool and contemporary, this faux-floating wooden space extends a classic stone home out onto the adjacent water – yet at the same time this structural expansion manages to provide a calm and comfortable setting for lounging in luxury over the lake on this lush, luxurious, well-landscaped yet rural and rustic private property.

Wim Goes Architectuur is a design firm with a talent for finding the sublime in simple materials, and matching new home additions to existing contexts without making them seem like something false inserted into the history of a site or landscape.

Horizontal wooden floor boards and roof beams run above and below as one walks out on this water-going platform, while vertical see-through wood slats let in light from the sides and draw the eye upward and outward to the surrounding blue skies.

A secondary open dock juts out to one side while the primary enclosed volume contains a central wood-burning stove and space for a family picnic out by the waterside, open to winds but largely protected from outside rain.