uli schallenberg barn house

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Drive through any agriculture-based locale and you’re likely to see plenty of old, abandoned wooden structures. Lonely farmhouses, decaying barns, and disused outbuildings often just sit where they are until nature topples them or someone salvages them for parts.

old barn transformed into living space

Designer Uli Schallenberg has proven that these forgotten buildings can be made useful again without even changing their basic structure.

glowing renovated barn home

His reclaimed barn residence is an exploration of practical reuse and perspective shifting. Everything inside has been suspended from the ceiling beams: the bed, countertop, dining table, stove, and even a swing.

inviting interior

Suspending the interior objects from the ceiling helps give the space a kind of dreamy, floaty look. This is enhanced by the billowy white canopy loosely covering the ceiling and walls.

suspended furniture and appliances

Opening up the front and rear doors of the barn during the day lets in sunlight and warmth. At night, the interior has an almost ethereal glow by candle light.

basic living needs wooden barn living space

Obviously, replicating this project would require a stable structure and a warm climate. The designer has proven, though, that even the most unlikely or ignored structures can be reimagined by simply shifting one’s perspective.