fake nature lighting decor

Stuck so deep in a dense city that access to natural light outside (let alone the actual sky above) is simply impossible? There is a remedy for that – though whether you will find these (both static and animated) faux-ceiling scenes and fake-landscape windows from The Sky Factory creative or kitsch is another question entirely.

fake faux skylights

Luminous Sky Ceilings: for most urban interiors, skylight access is impossible. This product takes the place of a standard ceiling fixture, layering translucent underwater, outer space or simple (day or night) skys-capes below an ordinary set of florescent lights. They come in circles, ovals, squares or custom shapes ranging from 2 up to 4, 6 and 8 feet in width or diameter – all with giant (up to 8×8′) photos to fit.

fake window nature landscape

Luminous Virtual Windows: think having a faked sky above might be strange? An unmoving exterior landscape could be even more disconcerting. Flush-fitted to be more convincing, these window replacements are available with standard aluminum as well as optional rustic, arts-and-crafts or prairie-style wood trim. The illuminated scenes can likewise be anything you imagine – rolling hills in autumn colors, a shaded forest, a sunny beach-scape … or for those with a dark sense of humor: perhaps a bit of post-apocalyptic chaos could be added per a custom request.

fake ceiling sky panels

Sky-V and E-Scape: Last but not the least bizarre of the bunch are the animated ceiling and wall variants of the above options. These play seamlessly-looped video footage – films of natural landscapes and sky-scapes taped off-site and transported to create a realistic cinema experience right in your home – a giant step further from the faux fireplaces of old. And yes, they come with sound – an ambient audio track to complete the sense of being somewhere else. To be fair, many of these creations are intended as mood-setters for medical offices and other places where they are designed to create a sense of calm, but a fair number of private residences use them as well.