Kulle daybed

Whether we realize it or not, most of us are on a life-long quest to find the most comfortable napping spot ever. German designer Stefanie Schissler may have created the perfect napping furniture of all time with her Kulle daybed.

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Kulle daybed bobbles

Schissler set out to create a piece of furniture that would inspire an emotional connection with its user. The daybed speaks to our curiosity about surfaces and textures with its soft, fuzzy, bumpy surface.

Kulle daybed texture

According to the designer, touching the surface is the first step toward an emotional connection with the furniture. Exploring its inviting shapes and soothing curves entices the viewer to make a deeper connection by cuddling up on the ultra-soft bed.

“The look is something new, which is arising curiosity in people,” Schissler told Dezeen in an interview. “It is designed to arise the urge to touch and feel it.”

“Every bobble feels different,” Schissler explained. “You can feel them but in a very gentle and pleasant way. A lot of people describe it as a massage for the body.”

Kulle daybed comfortable modern

Simply looking at the bed is enough to create a sense of comfort. Its neutral color scheme evokes a calm feeling and its egg carton-like surface just beg you to lie down and cuddle up with a soft blanket for a truly dreamy sleep.

Kulle was created to evoke the instinctive feelings of safety and relaxation.
It is addressing our sense of touch combined with curiosity and the desire to explore things. In order to prevent the increasing consumption we as designers should think of new ways to enhance the lifespans of the products in our everyday life. Persistence means sustainability. But how does one achieve a long-life cycle when it comes to the products we’re surrounded by.
I believe, that one way could be to emotionally connect.”