Dornbracht Supernova luxury modern faucet waterfall

The shower is one place we can always go to relax and get away from everything troubling us in the world at large – a small and sometimes unappreciated hideaway in the home where no one bothers you and the noise of everday life is drowned out in a torrent of warm water.

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Dornbracht Supernova luxury modern faucet bathtub

Why not, given its role in our lives, invest a bit more into the design of our shower – make it a real retreat with the home if we can afford it? While these ultra-luxurious Supernova fixtures from Dornbracht are not cheap they seem worth it for those who value their time spent in the shower.

Dornbracht Supernova luxury modern faucet eUnit

On the somewhat more budget-friendly side of things (though nonetheless expensive), they also offer a variety of stylish bathtub faucets and handles that can add a touch of modernism to go with a more simple and elegant bathroom interior design.

Dornbracht Supernova luxury modern faucet shower

Let us take the sculptural quality of the fitting as the starting point for bathroom architecture. The result is an island in the room which places all of the functions and zones of the bathroom right at the very centre. A form of architecture which therefore becomes a solitary unit in itself. Upon closer inspection of the exposed design, it becomes clear that the high-gloss surfaces of the fittings constantly reflect the island’s individual laguna-like water zones. It seems as though the fitting reflects the idea behind the architecture just as much as the architecture reflects the idea behind the fitting.”

Dornbracht Supernova luxury modern faucet with marble basin

About Dornbracht:

“For us, design is attitude. How should a fitting be designed so that it not only fulfills its function, but also conveys a sensation? We do not merely design products. We strive to create icons that enrich your life, everyday for years to come. ​In order to achieve this, we have defined our own design principles in collaboration with our long-standing partners at Sieger Design. Every little detail counts, and we never compromise design just for the sake of convenient production. The result is designs that are both ahead of their time and absolutely timeless.​”