Pagoda and Altara luxury hammock tubs and sinks

What could be more relaxing than hanging from a hammock in the shade? Perhaps filling it with water, and luxuriating in a bath within that same relaxing shape from Splinter Works. Perhaps you’ve already seen Hamaca, the company’s best-known suspended hammock tubs made from carbon fiber. But Splinter Works also makes a very similar model called the Pagoda, which can either be hanging or floor-mounted, and a matching sink called the Altara.

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Pagoda and Altara luxury hammock tubs and sink

A stainless steel tap rises up and hangs over one side to fill the carbon-fiber tub. The luxury bathtub is, in turn, drained through the floor.

“After the success of the Hamaca suspended tub, the Pagoda bath evolved as a stand-alone piece that doesn’t need walls.  Still offering the playful hammock bath form, but with more flexibility to position anywhere in the room you like. With the continuous curved surface, the spine is completely supported in a gentle curve, creating the optimum shape for kicking back and relaxing.”

Pagoda luxury freestanding hammock tubs

Lest you wonder where all the heat goes while you soak, there is a foam core to the carbon fiber shell to provide insulation, keeping the water warm. This layer is somewhat hidden due to the tapering of the tub shell around its edges.

The matching Altara sink has the same playful silhouette. “This wash basin is an exact miniaturization of the hammock bath shape in carbon fibre. When placed in the same scheme, the natural synergy between the two pieces creates a wonderful pattern of echoed shapes in the room.”

Not into black? You can get these unique luxury bathroom fixtures in gold, chrome and other colors, too.

Pagoda luxury hammock tubs gold finish

Splinter Works founder Miles Hartwell explains the design: “Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, we were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism.”