Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub luxurious

If you think of the most comfortable places to relax, a hammock and a warm bath are probably near the top of the list. UK design studio Splinter Works combined the two into what might possibly be the most relaxing bathtub ever. This luxurious suspended hammock tub wastes far less water than the average soaking tub, but fully submerges your body in an ergonomic position.

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Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub in use

The “Hamaca” vessel is suspended from two walls via brackets and doesn’t touch the ground at any point, contributing to the illusion of a hammock in the bathroom. A tall, elegant curved faucet is mounted in the floor to cascade water into the tub.

Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub display
Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub

A floor drain carries away the bathwater through a drain in the tub’s bottom after you’re finished soaking. However, you don’t have to hurry out of the tub – a foam core between the layers of carbon fiber insulates the water and keeps it warm much longer than a conventional tub.

Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub black
Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub on ground

More from the designers

“Our collection features our trademark combination of strong lines and sculptural forms, and includes our original black carbon hammock bath, Hamaca. The ergonomic shape and variable depth of our baths means they use less water than a standard bath, despite their generous and elegant proportions.”

Splinterworks Hamaca Suspended Hammock Tub fireside

“The Hamaca bath tub elevates the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath and combines it with the peaceful experience of kicking back in a hammock. Created in carbon fibre, Hamaca is incredibly strong and stays completely rigid, even when full. Unlike most baths, with flat bottoms and steep backs, Hamaca’s continuous curved surface offers an unprecedented level of comfort that encourages long, luxurious bathing. Filled using a floor-standing tap, waste water is released through the base and discarded through a floor drain positioned directly beneath the tub.”

“Hamaca’s generous size gives you the luxury of an immersive soak but it is only deep in the middle, where you need it most. The ends are shallow and supportive so, unlike most baths, there are no unnecessarily wasteful areas. The maximum capacity is 200 litres (44 gallons). This is around half the volume of comparable, luxury ‘deep’ tubs.”