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Shaped like an abstract flower and amazing from any aerial view, this underground house is nearly invisible – a rolling hill in the landscape – viewed from on the ground and all around. From below it blends in seamlessly with the natural surroundings. From above it is a beacon in the night. And inside, well, the pictures show it all.

At nearly ten thousand square feet, this house designed by Make Architects for all-star football player Gary Neville is as architecturally daring as it is eco-friendly – it aims to be the first carbon-neutral house in all of Great Britain.

Local materials and traditional construction techniques will reduce transportation and technology waste while geothermal heat, solar roof panels and wind turbines will generate sustainable energy on the site. In short: this house is about as green as it gets on all fronts, inside and out.

This may be the boldest, biggest and best modern underground home plan to date. Sometimes green architecture is makes grass-roots progress – but in other cases it takes someone eccentric with power, money and fame to push the envelop on environmental home construction.