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Iconic Volkswagen buses may be the original hippie mobiles, but there are a lot of things those relics of the 20th century can’t do – like go off-road. Clearly inspired by the VW bus, a new electric car concept brings this classic into a new era with power generating capabilities, panoramic windows and extra safety features for the modern wanderer’s lifestyle.
Modern Hippie Bus 2
The Nimbus by Eduardo Galvanis has four driving modes for four different kinds of trips: the energy saver for city driving, standard mode, faster cruise and four-wheel drive. Its electrical engine works parallel to a micro combustion generator to recharge its own lithium-ion batteries, and part of the exterior is covered in solar cells. A regenerative brake mechanism enables the car to capture and convert kinetic energy for additional power.
Modern Hippie Bus 3
A multi-function convex dashboard adds GPS and a touchscreen for internet services, maintenance alerts, and control of the sound system, interior lights and air conditioning. Four USB connectors offer gadget charging for multiple passengers, but the large windows looking out onto the scenery might offer a bigger draw than phone and tablet screens.
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The Nimbus is safe, too, with six airbags, side protection bars, a back camera and sensors for obstacle detection to make traffic jams and parking safer to navigate.