Savannah shipping container home

When executed well, container architecture speaks for itself – the constituent containers become the anchors for the design around which the rest of the materials and spaces flow. This is one such exemplary structure.

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Savannah shipping container home deck

In the Savannah Project from Price Street Projects, two reclaimed shipping containers are slightly offset to create two primary rooms, separated by a central glass structure with a clerestory roof letting in lots of daylight.

Savannah shipping container home open

Punching a few holes in the containers allows for basic movement between spaces, views out and light in, but also take advantage of these pre-constructed boxes by leaving them largely more intact. The ends can also open to create alternate entry points or let in fresh air.

Savannah shipping container home living room

The whole project is set up on a wood deck, trimmed and joined by wood and glass, leaving the aged metal of the containers and their existing paint jobs to provide visual contrast to these newer and cleaner materials. The offset of the pair of containers creates nice partial exterior enclosures for decks.

Savannah shipping container home kitchen

It also allows the finished home to feel more spacious, freed from the constraints that a narrow shipping container can put on a conversion project. Many shipping container homes feel dark and cramped, but as you can see from the interior photos, there’s more to this one than meets the eye when you’re viewing it from outside. Artist Julio Costello, a printmaker, designed and built the home for his own use as a one-bedroom residence and studio.

Savannah shipping container home interior

About the architect: “Price Street Projects combines functional design with creativity to create sustainable, economical and innovative living and work environments. Based in Miami and Brooklyn, PSP specializes in building structures made from shipping containers, each unique to its site and use, blending art and architecture to explore the boundaries of the traditional construction/building model. PSP was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1991 by artist/architect/designer, Julio Garcia.”