What’s wrong with this picture? For that matter, there is something just a bit off about … all of these photographs.?Captured digitally and transferred to canvass, these landscapes range from speculative to entirely real reproductions.

Nils Nova may be a sculptor in theory, photographer in practice and an artist in reality, but at heart he is clearly part architect – his work plays over and over again on themes of space, depth, light and distance. Look at them the wrong way you and might even bump into a wall, presuming it to be a continuation of the area you are actually in.

Not every photo is made to be a complete trick – some are obviously bordered or framed, but nonetheless force the mind to go back and forth between perception and physical reality.

Other pieces by Nova toy with familiar household objects and notions of up, down and side to side, using real sculptural elements in addition to printed canvass surfaces.?Of course, these pictures are just copies of copies shot at specific angles. To gain the full effect, one really has to walk between these mural-covered walls and experience the cognitive dissonance for oneself.