Televisions have a strange mixed roll in the modern household. Some say they have replaced the traditional hearth, around which we used to gather for warmth. Others suggest that TV sets are distracting and detract from interaction. The latter group may just love this ‘invisible’ television design.

Michael Friebe has gone beyond a mere concept, however, with a vision for how it would work – technology combining LCD and TOLED displays, rendering the view surface effectively clear when not in use and fully colored once activated.

In a way, if it works, it is the inevitable next step for this ubiquitous invention – and perhaps for computers and other electronic devices as well. Already we have made them nearly as small as they can be, so blending them even more into our home environments simply makes sense. The catch, of course, is that making this another touch-screen device might put a splotchy damper on that beautiful glassy finish.