relaxing study work space

It’s the lucky worker who gets to take a nap while at work, but those of us who work at home can (in theory) take a break whenever we like. This desk, called Deep Attention and Sleep, works both for working hard and for hardly working.

sleep configuration

The arch-shaped desk is backed by a tall orange foam board. When you get sleepy from working or studying, you can remove the board and move it to the floor for a makeshift naptime mat.

deep attention and sleep

For working on the floor or maybe eating a snack, the desk surface detaches to become a handy little tray. The unusual transforming furniture was designed by Matali Crasset for furniture makers Campeggi.

relaxation mode

Putting it all back together creates a cocoon-like space to block out the world around you. Place the open back against a wall and the orange board blocks out everything around you, leaving you free to get your important things done without distraction.