Energy Pods by MetroNaps occupied

Like something from a 1920s science fiction short story, these sleeper pods are as futuristic as they come – and they should be at thousands of dollars a piece. Touted as the ultimate at-home-or-at-work nap solution, these might seem gimmicky but they also look very comfortable – not to mention space-saving.

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Energy Pods by MetroNaps

These “Energy Pods” by MetroNaps play on the fact that a bed at work is unthinkable but sleeping on a couch is not terribly comfortable – they fill a kind of social/technological void for “fatigue management solutions” in what, in reality, is a common practice: sleeping at work either for short periods or during long-haul overnight work shifts.

Energy Pods by MetroNaps closed
Energy Pods by MetroNaps napping at work

Whether or not these sleep hubs will make their way to the mainstream or remain luxury items for CEOs with too much money to spend remains to be seen. They are certainly conceptually intriguing but might turn out to be more hype than a real way to get a power-nap on the job.

Energy Pods by MetroNaps college nap rooms

“The zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations…  All features of the EnergyPod are designed to help you relax. The EnergyPod is powered by firmware developed around a simple principle: a 20 minute nap is beneficial for well-being and productivity. Features include a status indicator that communicates when the EnergyPod will next be free, and usage tracking to optimize facility management.”

Energy Pods by MetroNaps features

“A napping facility should not only be functional, but also aesthetically fit in your workspace. Our design is stylish and timeless. The classic EnergyPod comes in white and grey, but we can customize to any colour, to match your work environment. The countour of the EnergyPod takes pressure off the cardiac system with the elevation of the feet and relaxes the muscles of the lower back with a slight bend in the knees. “