cle japanese tiles
The Watermark tile series from designer Deborah Osburn is a beautiful example of traditional Japanese textile dying techniques. Each tile is hand-formed and slow-fired, then carefully dyed in a traditional Japanese method.
watermark japanese tiles
Each tile is individual and embodies the name of the series: Watermark. Authentic indigo and gold verdigris pigments are used to dip, wash and stain each tile.
japanese traditional dyed tiles
The series was inspired by Osburn’s experiments with unglazed porcelain tiles and cups of indigo pigment. She placed one end of the tiles into the cups, creating a lovely and natural ombré effect.
cle watermark japanese tiles
Each tile absorbs the pigment differently, making each its own individual work of art. The tiles can be used either indoors or out, and the different styles of dye patterns can be combined for an even more unique look.
tiles traditionally japanese dyed

The organic style of the tiles would look amazing on floors or on walls. Osburn’s tile creations can be intense or gentle, ethereal or solid. Regardless of how you choose to arrange them, the tiles create a stunning effect.