Shipping Container Office 1

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A tiny slice of land on a busy Tokyo street corner has now become the setting for an office and gallery housed inside two matte black shipping containers. Tomokazu Hayawaka Architects split one 40-foot container in two and set the other on top to create an irregular composition that enables three separate spaces as well as a small courtyard filled with plants and seating.

Shipping Container Office 2

Sliding glass and hatch doors flood the interiors of the gallery spaces with light, which are lined with wood inside due to Japanese building regulations. The third container, on the second floor, is just large enough for a conference table.

Shipping Container Office 3

Shipping Container Office 4

Steel cable bracing gives the containers extra structural support to protect against earthquake damage. The stark black of the exterior contrasts with the bright white of the display space inside.

Shipping Container office 5

The new shipping container structure will become a hub for art and design in the neighborhood, which is the scene for a blossoming art culture.