Function drives this four-piece modular design, but it manages a modern look despite the thoughtful, child-friendly elements that went into its elemental plan, creative construction and careful color selection.

First and foremost, smoothed and softened polyethylene edges (for the ladder as well as the loft and bed units) make it safe to assemble, play around and sleep within the blue-toned stack. Aside from stability and and durability, cleaning is a necessary consideration with kids in the mix.

At the same time, though, there is a retro-modern look that appeals to adults as well – and a rounded simplicity that speaks to stylistic configurations and defies cheap construction materials and techniques.

Finally, the stacked elements can be broken down into component pieces to create a single-level sleeping area, or variably used to facilitate a fort or toy storage zone on one level or the other. Design by Marc Newson.