wave 1 kids bed

To be fair, these kids’ beds are cooler than most adult bed designs – both the bunk beds set and the lofted single bed option include contemporary curves, a lovely modern wooden ladder and an overall dynamic-looking, white-painted wooden framework children can also appreciate.

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wave 1 kids bed fun design
wave 1 kids bed interesting design bunk bed

The elevated frame makes for great under-bed storage space in the single-twin variant while the doubled-up design has a low-hanging bottom level but creates free-floating planes at each loft level for a full sense of openness on both the upper and lower bunks and on all sides. Of course, these two bedroom furniture ideas look even more cool in this staged scenes photographed by their makers at Mimondo.

Recessed metal fasteners provide solid structural security as well as edge-free safety, also visually punctuating the clean and curved white framing pieces without looking cheap. Flush mattresses sit just above level with the frame on both levels as well for comfort, but include tuck-in space along the edges for ease of bed-making. All in all, not something I would have minded growing up sleeping in – how about you?

wave 1 kids bunk bed

Here’s some more info from the designers:

“Wave 1 is an exclusive single bed designed by Gudiksen Design in 2008 and produced in Denmark. With its esthetic, playful and airy design, this bed is a one of a kind bed. The smooth arches in molded veneer makes this bed a unique piece of furniture yet unseen in the world of design furniture. Every bed is hand crafted and made by quality materials by experienced wood craftsmen with an eye for detail.”

“The bed is useful for both children and adults, and represents the exclusive answer to the classic single bed solution. The unique construction design makes the bed both incredibly stable in use as well as durable. The bed is designed to be used by two adults and has been rigorously tested for safety as well. Please review our technical specifications for details.”

“Wave 1 comes in a variety of colors to give you every opportunity to match the bed to the rest of your interior decor. The framing of the bed and steps come in two designs: Oil treated ash wood and walnut stain. Wave 1 comes in two sizes. The European adapted to European mattress sizes and the American version, which fits the American twin single mattress size. This will accommodate you in finding the correct mattress size for optimal fitting of bed linen.”