skinny house in japan front end

It could be home to a Japanese version of Doctor Who, this unusual space that strangely looks larger from the inside than an outside view would have it appear. This skinny house in Japan appears absurdly narrow, and it is; but somehow it’s still livable inside.

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skinny house in japan balcony

300 square feet can pose a construction challenge on any plot of land, but is a particularly complex puzzle on one that is shaped like a triangle.

skinny house in japan at night

Every building code was scoured and rule bent to breaking to create this quaint little abode, bending and twisting in response to limitations of and opportunities allowed by rules and regulations of Tokyo, Japan.

skinny house in japan interior

Mizuishi Architect Atelier developed bump-outs, skylights and select double-height spaces to help alleviate the tension of awkward acute angles that converge in curious places inside and out.

skinny house in japan stairs
skinny house in japan bathroom

Higher ceiling in the entryway and a visual connection to the loft above make for a surprisingly open feel to the dwelling from within, an openness reinforced with white whiles and a bare minimum of decoration.

skinny house in japan bottom floor
skinny house in japan loft

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“This is a very small house built on the triangle site where the river and the road were crossed and made to the acute angle. For the dead-end road, it became a plan in various regulations for obtaining special permission.

skinny house in japan indoor outdoor space
skinny house in japan narrow

Residents are husband and wife and a little girl. Although it was a novel site of a limited area, since a river was faced through a bank and a promenade, I would like to design various relations with the river. The building is the form that cut an acute angle part on a triangle plan derived from the site. Furthermore, it got the maximum volume of hip roof of three planes in restriction of setback-line.

Although the level0 floor was a private space,it limits for dividing with the curtain of a race in the door, stairs, storage, etc. except for a bathroom. It enabled it to feel a spread. The level+1 floor is devided into small areas by structural narrow walls,being connected with one by the ridgeline of a roof. So there are different open feelings and the relations with the river each.

skinny house in japan plan
skinny house in japan plan aerial

That is:

1. dining & kitchen / The west side space up the stairs is the largest planarly, and has high ceiling with a feeling of rise towards the roof top.

2. living / The central space is low ceilinged, and has full-opening windows on both sides as a balcony and the bay window that spreads outward with a feeling of floating

3. spare room / The east side space in the deepest is a form which is narrowed down to the direction of flow of the river, and is a space watching the light to insert earlier of the abyss..

4. loft / The space with two skylights is a space looking down at the river and looking up at the sky.

The limited volume snuggles up to the river, and I think that I was able to design various space that can live while looking for a favorite place to stay.”