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Wall clock, calender and mortality reminder all wrapped up in one odd work of (post)modern art. The so-called ‘Chrono Shredder’ provides a palpable (or pulp-able?) physical reminder that all things are temporary, and we can never wind back time in this world.

Created by Susanna Hetrich, the simple red box shreds each day’s calender page as it passes, and leaves the tangled paper strands to curl, bunch and pile up on the floor in a messy heap. This fits right in the middle of her portfolio of creative work, which ranges from abstract installation artworks to apparel and photography.

She considers the calender a kind of performance art piece (albeit robotic rather than human in nature), and it is never stationary: each day slowly shreds in realtime so that minute changes are visible even on an hourly or second-to-second basis if one is watching closely. While not yet for sale, she does have plans to release a limited-edition version at some time in the future.