The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how delicate the world’s food supply chains are, and LG has come up with a way to bring some of that food production into every home with its new freestanding indoor gardening appliance.

The compact LG Tiiun smart gardening appliance in a contemporary living room.

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“LG tiiun is a practical and convenient solution for busy consumers who want to enjoy a greener, healthier lifestyle at home,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company in a press release. “A stylish addition to one’s home or apartment, our smart gardening system makes growing herbs, leafy greens, and flowers fun and simple, even for those of us with zero gardening experience.”

Man and woman proudly display the LG Tiuun smart gardening appliance at CES 2022.

Unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, the self-contained greenhouse is only about the size of a dorm-room fridge and is aptly named “Tiiun,” a Korean word that means “to sprout.” It’s designed to remove the guesswork from gardening associated with climate, watering, soil, and pests.

Large growing trays inside the LG Tiiun allow users to grow several plant varieties at the same time.

Seedlings sprout under the LED grow light inside the new LG Tiiun Indoor Greenhouse.

That’s right: the indoor greenhouse does virtually all the work for you. Each unit is equipped with two growing shelves that can each hold up to six all-in-one seed packages. The seed packages in turn each have 10 holes for plant germination, allowing users to grow a wide variety of plants at the same time. Most seedlings will grow to fruition within just four to eight weeks, all ready for consumption or visual enjoyment.

LG drew inspiration from several of its previous products to create the Tiiun. “This modern smart gardening system leverages LG’s technological expertise across multiple home appliance categories to deliver reliable results and an effortless, largely automated plant cultivation process, employing various technologies from decades of expertise honed from developing advanced refrigerators, water purifiers, and ventilation systems,” the company explains.

An Inverter Compressor powers the Flexible Weather Control System that automatically adjusts the unit’s internal temperature for prime growing conditions. The Auto Ebb & Watering System is responsible for keeping the interior atmosphere at optimal moisture levels, and the Smart Gardening System provides the plants with sips of water eight times every day. Even cooler, the unit’s LED light source can automatically simulate the sun’s natural light cycle, and LG’s mobile ThinkQ app allows users to remotely change settings and be notified whenever the water tank needs to be filled.

White LG Tiiun placed in a living room setting as a kind of futuristic side table.

The Tiiun units come in either Nature Beige or Nature Green colors and fit easily within a living room setting as a kind of futuristic side table. Users and friends can enjoy watching the plants grow year-round and benefit from tastier organic produce. And bugs are never a problem, since the entire system is completely sealed and air-tight.

This in-home gardening appliance makes it possible for users to always have fresh herbs and veggies on hand without having to put in the hours of work to become a master gardener. It’s a quick plug-and-play system for everyone, even those who have no hint of a green thumb.

Most importantly, it’s good for the environment. If every home were to be equipped with a similar system, food production could be dramatically supplemented on the household level, alleviating some of the need for carbon emissions-producing trucks and processes.

White and green LG Tiuun smart indoor green units side-by-side.

LG’s petite indoor greenhouse is already commercially available in South Korea for approximately $1,250. An international rollout is scheduled for later this year.