A pristinely manicured lawn not only gives you neighborhood bragging rights, it makes you feel good about your entire home. In the past, it’s seemed like a major hassle to keep up over time, but thanks to the tech-savvy whizzes over at iRobot, it can now be completely managed by a robotic lawn mower.
Terra, the new robotic lawn mower from iRobot, mowing a green lawn.

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Meet Terra: the intelligent little helper who’s here to keep your greenery perfect without you ever lifting a hand or breaking a sweat.

Lawn Mowing Memories

Terra does away with the need to install expensive and physically demanding boundary wires. Utilizing iRobot’s revolutionary Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology (combined with a recently expanded wireless communication system), it all starts with you positioning wireless beacons around the perimeter of the yard you want mowed. When you switch on the Terra by driving it once around the space you’ve designated, it teaches itself not to stray into any nearby flowerbeds or driveways. Its memory stores that info, which means it’ll serve you faithfully until you change the configuration of your lawn.

Set Your Own Preferences

Man sets up wireless beacons around the perimeter of his lawn to guide the Terra robotic lawn mower.
Terra will mow your yard whenever you choose: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, day or night. Just imagine waking up to a perfectly mowed lawn, cut professionally in straight, back-and-forth lines. And no worries if it rains, because this robot operates smoothly in all types of weather. It’s also smart enough to overcome the small hills and rough spots commonly found on domestic lawns.
Depending on your personal taste, local climate, and the type of grass you have, Terra will mow to any height you want. Desired length is also incredibly easy to change to better accommodate your own changing needs.

Automatic Recharge

If Terra’s battery starts to run low during a mowing job, it logs its exact location on the lawn and remembers all that remains to be mowed. It then returns to its charging station and picks up where it left off when it’s powered up again.

Other iRobot Innovations

The accompanying mobile app for the Terra robotic lawn mower.
iRobot is a leader in the global consumer robot sector. Their most famous product, the Roomba, revolutionized the concept of vacuum cleaning in 2002 with its compact circular form, roaming around the house on its own and cleaning carpets and floors everywhere it went. On top of that, the company’s Braava selection of mopping robots has improved the efficiency of cleaning floors in both the average households and the commercial cleaning industry.


Unfortunately, iRobot’s robot lawn mower is currently only available for sale in Germany — though a beta program for the product is due to launch in the U.S. sometime in 2019. Information on pricing and availability is expected to be revealed at a later date.
Overlay of Will Smith form the film "iRobot" and iRobot's Terra robotic lawn mower.
Colin Angle, chair and CEO of iRobot, says: “iRobot is building an ecosystem of robots and technologies that help people do more both inside and outside of the home. The robot mower segment is well established in EMEA and has tremendous room for growth in other markets, including North America. With its ease of use and premium mowing features, Terra is poised to give consumers a whole new way to think about how they take care of their lawn.”