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Someday, the practice of lugging materials to a building site and constructing the structure right there from scratch could go extinct. Why? Prefabrication and modularity are transforming the industry, proving every day to be more efficient and affordable than on-site construction in dozens of ways. Most of the construction takes place in a protected warehouse, leading to fewer accidents and thefts of tools and materials. Quality control is easier, the whole process is more streamlined, buildings go up faster, and waste is dramatically reduced. The DublDom, made by the Russia-based firm BIO, is a great example.
Not so long ago, prefabrication was associated with cheap cookie-cutter materials of the sort most of us associate with the phrase “manufactured homes.” But affordability and good design can go hand-in-hand, especially when the designers make use of natural materials like wood. The DublDom looks like a custom cabin, but its components were assembled in a factory, pre-fitted with all the necessary fixtures, equipment, and even furniture.
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BIO Architects recently completed a new DublDom for a young couple who wanted a cost-efficient home on Pirogovo Lake, in the suburbs outside Moscow. The couple had previously commissioned a smaller version of the structure just for themselves in 2015, and then decided they wanted another DublDom house that was big enough to accommodate their extended family as guests. Dubbed DublDom 2.110, the structure demonstrates how easy it is to expand the home’s modular design to any scale the clients desire.
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The home features an iconic gabled shape and a full facade of glazing to look out onto the woods. High ceilings and lots of glass visually expand the interior. The common spaces and bedrooms have the best views, including the children’s room, office, main entrance, and the living room with a freestanding fireplace, while the technical and utility rooms are located in the rear.
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The whole process of commissioning a DublDom is shockingly fast and easy. The company helps you choose the right package for your needs, as well as layouts, materials, furniture, fixtures, and trim. You can select a model that’s already in stock and have it go up within 10 days, or place a custom order that will be completed in six to 10 weeks. It takes just one to three days to deliver and assemble the house. The company can also accommodate international orders to Europe, the United States, and other locations.
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“The house is made by a modular technology,” say the architects. “All modules of the house were made on the DublDom factory in Kazan and traveled to the place of installation almost 1000km. All the trim, engineering and communications were made at the factory. On the site we just connect ready house to external engineering networks — water supply, septic tank and electricity.”
“Frame made of pine and insulated by KNAUF insulation. Due to the modern technology, we turned out to make a house far from the city, in the shortest possible time, with high quality and low budget. The project uses the most environmentally friendly materials. The emphasis on the facade is made on recycled barn board with steel and glass, which emphasizes the natural origins and delicate integration of the house into natural surroundings.”