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For such a small house with an eccentric exterior design, this metal-clad box home is much more complex and comfortable on the inside than one might imagine at first glance. The ultra-modern metal-and-glass outside makes a strong design statement that compliments the more cozy interior use of various types of natural wood.


Though two-stories tall and broad enough to accommodate a few small rooms on each story, the other sectional footprint of the structure is remarkably thin.


Inside, there is little room for a staircase – necessitating the need for a latter, which in turn blends in well with the warm and deeply colored wood that pervades the design.


Individual spaces are shaped by wooden platforms and other geometric additions and illuminated naturally via light that drops in through selectively placed slots.


Though there is not much of it, what little space there is in this place is incredibly well-crafted and cozy – spatial divisions are sufficient for privacy but the home is still open enough to avoid being overly cramped or claustrophobic.


In each space of the home there are opportunities to selectively see into other places, but the views between the most public areas (e.g. the kitchen and dining room) are limited with respect to the most private area – the bedroom.


All in all this creative prefab home plan is not the height of luxury and certainly does not offer an abundance of space, but it is highly portable due to its thinness and sustainable due to the ease with which it can be lit via daylight and its small spaces can be heated in the winter.