sliderider indoor slide

On the long, boring summer days of childhood, creativity tends to run wild. That creativity, however, doesn’t always manifest itself in the safest ways. For example, we can remember riding down the stairs in sleeping bags, laundry baskets, cardboard baskets, and trash bags. As fun as that was, it was exceptionally dangerous and often ended in pain.

sliderider setup

Inventor Trisha Cleveland could save current and future generations of kids from bodily harm with her invention, the SlideRider. It’s more or less one very long plastic-covered foam mat that stretches over your stairs to turn them into an indoor slide. It features safety bumpers on the sides to ensure your little ones don’t go sliding off of the side and into the stair railings and a soft landing pad at the bottom.

safety rails and soft landing

When you and your kids are done playing with the slide, it folds up very neatly into a handy little package held together with a storage strap. The folded package even has handles on either side to help you move the SlideRider around and put it away.

sliderider storage strap

Cleveland is developing the product with Quirky, the public think-tank that makes regular people’s inventions into real products. So far the development process seems to be moving along, but there is one unanswered question: how will kids get back up the stairs once they slide to the bottom?