Whether you’re a casual board game player on family night, a gigantic jigsaw fanatic, or a hardcore fantasy/battle nerd, you know that half the challenge of gaming is finding a safe, comfortable, and big enough space to play on and keeping all the pieces in place if you have to take a break.

Table of Ultimate Gaming

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Well, your winter nights are going to get a little less cluttered thanks to the impressively named Table of Ultimate Gaming. The table’s thoughtful design has clearly struck a chord with gamers, as it’s already raised a whopping $1,290,000 on Indiegogo, which is almost 5,000 times its original fundraising goal.

There are many reasons why this product has captured the imagination of gaming enthusiasts. For starters, the table comes in three different sizes, with surfaces respectively measuring two feet by four feet, three feet by five feet, and four feet by six feet. When selecting a height, simply choose between the “coffee table,” “standard,” and “tall” options. As an added bonus, “you can set up the table for either shallow card and game play or deep dungeon crawls and space invasions,” explain designers Patrick Meyer and Jamie MacBain. “Each table offers both a shallow 1.5-inch drop from the edge and a 3.5-inch drop.”

Table of Ultimate Gaming blue Table of Ultimate Gaming pool

After those basic decisions, you have another choice to make: what color and finish do you want for your gaming table? Natural birch, dark stained wood, and pitch black are the options you’re given, and from there you can custom-fit your table with decor that matches your personality and gaming preferences. Skulls, dragons, Celtic twists and knots — it’s completely up to you! You can even opt for a personalized design, in case you really want to open up your options. Plus, the use of European birch plywood and water-based paints speak to the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The tables are modular, so you can combine two to expand your territory if needed, and you can buy full-size covers for them to turn them into “regular” tables for eating on (and for keeping any ongoing games safe below).

Table of Ultimate Gaming puzzle surface Table of Ultimate Gaming cupholder

Before they came up with their prototype, the table’s designers spoke with actual gamers to pick their brains about what they’d want in their ideal set-up, and many of those features made it into the final product. “Intelligent design and community feedback have created not just a game table, but a gaming system that adapts to your needs and style of play,” reads the company website.

Table of Ultimate Gaming detail pieces

What exactly are those special additions? We’re talking card organizers, full table covers to keep your in-progress games safe, and pull-out desk features. Cup holders are some other handy accessories on the table, and its hellbox storage towers are a fan favorite. The table even comes with campaign screens for strategy games that involve maps and other documents — the perfect way to keep your plans secret from your opponents.

Every table boasts two AC and USB power outlets, so you can charge your devices, connect to other players via Skype, or set up lights and speakers to add to your experience.

Table of Ultimate Gaming ornate trim

The Table of Ultimate Gaming is currently available for pre-order, with delivery estimated in March 2018.