Floyd Furniture changed the game for anyone who wants modern, minimalist furniture that can adapt to their evolving needs. It began with The Leg in 2013, a sleek modular metal table leg that lets you build a 16-inch-high table using any flat surface. Then came The Bed Frame, which quickly became a cult favorite. Brand devotees love that Floyd’s furniture is just as modular as anything from IKEA, but also made of high-quality components that will last decades to come. So it’s no surprise that a waitlist was required when Floyd released The Dresser, a long-anticipated addition to its lineup.

Two-unit version of Floyd Furniture's modular

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Expandable and customizable, The Dresser starts with a single base for all sizes. You simply select the drawer units that fit your needs now, with the ability to swap them out in the future if your needs change. Start with either the Two Unit Dresser, which is 47 inches wide, or the Three Unit Dresser, which is 71 inches wide. Then choose your drawer configuration from eight available combinations. You could have a smaller number of larger drawers, a larger number of smaller drawers, shelves with cabinet-style doors, or a combination of any of the three.

Three-unit version of Floyd Furniture's modular

Man opens up Floyd Furniture's

Then, you get to choose your frame and top color in walnut, maple, or beige, and your drawer/door covers, available in the same options plus jasper green and canary yellow. You can always change your mind later and purchase new drawer units in different configurations or colors. If you want to go from a double unit to a triple unit, just add an extra base surface.

Floyd Furniture's modular, customizable

The idea behind Floyd’s modular system is that your furniture can easily move and grow with you. The modularity makes it easy to transport — a key reason why many people buy from IKEA in the first place — and easy to shift into new shapes and sizes as needed. Say you move into a studio apartment, and suddenly that huge bookcase you bought no longer fits your space. If you had Floyd’s shelving system, instead of getting rid of it, you could just assemble it into a different shape, or break it into multiple units.

Custom colorway for Floyd Furniture's modular

The heavy duty base materials, including 11-gauge steel and FSC-certified walnut, mean that unlike most modular minimalist furniture you’ll find on the market, these pieces could be a new version of the old family heirloom, adapted to the more nomadic modern lifestyle. Founders Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell launched Floyd in an effort to reduce our reliance on disposable furniture, designing the pieces to be as inclusive as possible.

The Bed Frame, another modular favorite from Floyd Furniture.

In addition to the new Dresser, favorites from Floyd include the aforementioned Bed Frame, which boasts a simple, low-slung design with available add-ons like underbed storage, a headboard, and a size expansion kit; The Sofa, a minimalist frame covered in cozy cushions that can be expanded with a chaise; The Sectional, which is just as modular as you’d imagine; and The Table, which draws inspiration from Floyd’s original Leg.

The Dresser is available now, starting at $3,000 for the Two Unit version, $4,500 for the Three Unit version, and $1,200 for the expansion units.