When you think of double-decker buses, you most likely picture the large, bright red ones driving down the streets of London. You probably don’t think of them as potential overnight accommodations, or hot vacation destinations.

Exterior view of Adam Collier-Woods' Renovated

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Close-up view of the entrance to Adam Collier-Woods' renovated

Well think again. When Adam Collier-Woods, a U.K. based carpenter, discovered that one of these behemoths was en route to the scrap yard, he decided to put his skill and creativity into repurposing it as a destination for vacationers looking to have a unique, relaxing retro experience.

Wood-burning stove inside Adam Collier-Woods' renovated

While on a drive through the countryside, Collier-Woods saw a decaying bus in a field and was immediately inspired to transform his own double-decker bus into, to paraphrase Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “something completely different.” After purchasing one on Ebay for £4,500, he spent over half a year renovating the enormous bus, documenting the entire process on a local television station.

Lime green kitchen area inside Adam Collier-Woods' renovated

Lime green dining/lounging area inside Adam Collier-Woods' renovated

Built in 1982, Collier-Woods’ bus ended its career after clocking nearly 700,000 miles on the odometer. Hoping to evoke an air of nostalgia for those who may have taken a similar bus to school when they were children, he placed a strong emphasis on keeping as much of the original structure and features as intact as he could, including the steering wheel, driver’s seat, and select other seats. Throughout his renovations, Collier-Woods also sought to keep the interior design retro, taking great care to procure matching furnishings and paint to create the perfect bright, nostalgic vibe. That included keeping the bus’s original bright green exterior. Finding the project “one massive recycling exercise,” Collier-Woods was able to put his skills as a carpenter to good use devising what is now known as the “Big Green Bus.”

Cozy forest hot tub located right outside Adam Collier-Woods' renovated

Now located on a campsite in East Sussex, the bus is available to rent and can sleep up to six people. Nestled in an idyllic forest setting, holiday makers should prepare to max and relax (and unplug, as there’s no Wi-Fi) around the bus’s picnic area, heated outdoor shower, and outdoor hot tub. Inside, features such as a full kitchen (including stove), a log burning stove for warmth and coziness, comfy beds and seating areas, and the funkiest electric lime green decor make the former transport vehicle both comfortable and stylish.

If you feel like venturing out and exploring the surrounding area, there are plenty of things to do in East Sussex. And if you want to just kick back in the bus and dig those funky vibes the whole trip, you’ll have almost as much to do. A lounge area toward the front of the bus contains board games, and there are also plenty of books laying around in case you want to pretend you’re cruising through the forest while lounging on one of the Big Green Bus’s original seats.

Adam Collier-Woods' Renovated

With amazing views, luxe accommodations, kitschy design, and a bit of nostalgia, the Big Green Bus is sure to delight guests who want a cozy cottage experience in a unique, retro setting. Learn more about it here by taking an online tour of the bus and its beautiful surroundings.