Connecting a teapot to the internet might seem like overkill in our age of already overly complicated gadgetry, but it’s actually pretty easy to mess up a cup of tea. After all, different varieties require different brew times and water temperatures to fully bring out their respective flavors.

The Teplo Smart Teapot

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If you’re a serious tea enthusiast, you can spend some time learning the ancient art of tea brewing — or you can allow Teplo to do it for you. Not only does this high-tech teapot make achieving the perfect cup a whole lot easier, but it also assesses the room temperature and your emotional state to make little tweaks to your brew.

Of course, the Teplo certainly isn’t the world’s first smart brewing device. Products like the Qi Aerista offer preset brewing modes for black, green, floral, oolong, and milk teas along with customizable settings and a companion app that allows you to keep a tea diary and find new leaves to try. But where Teplo does go the extra mile is in considering what makes you, the individual tea drinker, different from all the other tea drinkers in the world.

Young woman drinks a personalized cup of tea prepared by the Teplo smart teapot.

The smart teapot incorporates built-in sensors that collect information about your heart rate and body temperature along with room temperature, humidity level, and sound level to adjust optimal brewing temperatures and time, resulting in a truly personalized cup of tea. So it’s not just perfectly tailored to your own preferences in general, but what’s best for you at the precise moment you’re craving a comforting brew.

To use the Teplo, just add cold water to the removable, dishwasher safe kettle, insert your preferred tea leaves into the rose gold infuser, select the corresponding tea from Teplo’s mobile app, and place your finger on the heart rate sensor if you want an extra personalized cup. The pot will then heat the water to the ideal brewing temperature in just a few minutes, and the infuser will auto-rotate and submerge the tea leaves for the correct amount of time. Once the process is complete, the infuser will rotate out of the water to prevent over-steeping. The pot will even keep your brew warm for hours, in case you’re the forgetful type that makes a pot and only remembers it once it’s gone cold.

Person uses the Teplo's accompanying mobile app.

Teplo’s makers explain: “Traditionally, tea masters changed tea-brewing conditions by seeing or feeling the drinker’s mental and physical state. Teplo hypothesizes to do the same by collecting your information and your surrounding information. A heart rate and finger temperature sensor located on the base of the kettle detects the user’s heart rate and body temperature. A noise, ambient light, surrounding temperature, and humidity sensor located at the base collects the surrounding environment information. A brewing algorithm based on these parameters then adjusts tea brewing conditions.”

Close-up of the Teplo's rose-gold infuser.

“For example — If you are stressed (judged [by] a combination of higher heart rate and body temperature, higher surrounding noise level, [and it being] later in the day), Teplo will brew tea at a slightly lower temperature, increasing the brewing time to make a more calming, sweeter tea. Similarly, if you are tired (judged [by] a combination of a lower heart rate, normal body temperature, lower surrounding noise levels, [and it being] early morning), Teplo will brew tea at a higher temperature to increase caffeine levels.”

The Teplo Smart Teapot against a white background.

Teplo is currently in the final stages of its Kickstarter campaign. You can back the project while it’s still active and receive a smart teapot of your own at a discounted price, or wait until it’s available to the public next year. The expected retail price is $349.