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Created using carefully selected, high-quality materials, the luxury wooden faucets from Green Home Design harness all the breathtaking aesthetic of the woodlands, but with a sleek functionality that will mold elegantly and effortlessly into the modern home. Because their designs encompass all the naturalism of the tree rings and original wood markings, each tap is completely distinguished in uniqueness to the next, meaning that no two are the same.

The Genius

Born from the spirited and passionate minds of Anna Piotrowska and Rafał Kaminiarz, Green Home Design promotes an unconventional look for those with an enthusiasm for artistic design and lavish mechanics. Their initial foray into the interior design industry was a rousing success, creating a highly sought after brand that drove them to set even higher ambitions for the future.

They want to continue to exceed customer expectations when creating products that will be used every single day, perhaps even for the rest of their customers’ lives, and emphasize the need for perfection in the look and utility of what they offer. Since they also hold to a philosophy built on life time customer gratification, there is an immense pressure for their household appliances to perform for a long time after they have been purchased as well, and so far Green Home has delivered flawlessly.

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The Design

The wood that is used to create these taps endures a special line of processing before it can become the refined end product you see on the website. Before manufacturing, the wood—which comes in a choice of European oak, Black walnut, and African mahogany—is subjected to long-term drying techniques in order to warrant a life of durability. Then, using a unique impregnation system, the wood is then transformed into a durable substance that can withstand water and resist moisture. This “unseen durability” combines with the faucets’ high quality blend-of-metal structure and a multi-layer varnish coat, which keeps the product waterproof, making it easy to maintain and clean!

Each faucet showcases all the wood’s original composition as well, using the taint and tree rings to provide an aesthetic that promises to bring that element of nature into your humble abode. The handle of the tap is completely wooden whilst the external metal parts are covered by chrome, bringing an edgy metallic finish to your Scandinavian-inspired design.

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The Product

With five tap sizes to choose from, you could easily outfit your whole home or living space with faucets that fit your needs. The Tall Basin Tap, which measures 296 mm, is ideal for the kitchen—you can fill your sink high with bubbles and wash all of your dirty dishes with no problem. As the most popular design, the Tall Basin Tap comes in a choice of wood makes and colors: European Oak, African Mahogany, American Walnut, Lagoon Alabaster, Cocobolo, and the golden tinted Eldorado.

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The 167 mm Short Basin Tap, however, is likely to feel at its best use in the bathroom sink. The Wall-Mounted Bath and Shower taps are self explanatory whilst the Bidet Tap is small enough to sit snuggly in your Bidet sink. All have a cascade structure which prevents limescale and resists any deformation as well.

Proper Care

Because the faucets are made using glossy chrome, avoid using abrasive cloths or sponges whilst cleaning to protect the taps from scratching. Never use any ammonia cleaning agents either as these may discolor or damage the wooden surface. Simply wipe down the tap using a soft, damp sponge or cloth and natural soap.

Limescale may appear on the chrome base of the tap, which you can remove using a simple brush. Any chemicals should be strictly avoided.

What You Need to Know

All of Green Home Design’s products come with a five-year warranty, free shipping, and an array of beautiful colors to choose from. There is also an option to “design your own tap,” where you can special order a unique design of your own using different wood species than what is currently advertised. Delivery time for any tap can be anywhere between seven days and three weeks depending on whether the requested model is in stock at the time of order.

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Wooden faucets offer a warmer vibe to your living area than perhaps the usual metals and marble that we see adorning our kitchen, bathroom, etc., as they manage to encapsulate that beguiling element of nature and bring it indoors. Along with its streamlined and cutting edge style, the taps have been intricately designed, tried, and tested in order to bring you guaranteed performance every time you use it.