quad mini bar

Flexibility is always a key point when you’re furnishing your workspace or entertaining at home. The Quad Mini Bar, or QMB, from designer Joe Warren is the perfect solution for small spaces that occasionally need to be just a little bigger.

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The QMB is a smallish piece of furniture that can be used in a surprising number of ways. First, it can be used as a standing workstation – which we all know by now is better for us than sitting all day. But if you get tired of standing and need to sit for a while, you can pull out one of the four attached seats.

quad mini bar for two

When your friends or coworkers decide to come over and join you, three additional chairs pull out from the central base. They lock into place securely and are just the right height for either working or socializing.

quad mini bar expanded
quad mini bar social

An internal shelf also lets you store work equipment, bar supplies, or whatever else you need to get off of the tabletop. The QMB is an ingenious alternative to a conventional desk in the office or a traditional dining room set in the home. You only use up as much space as you need at that moment, and when not in use the QMB’s footprint is small enough for just about any space.

quad mini bar for work

“QMB, closed with 30″ D. table top. What better place to make eye contact, face to face while sharing food, drink or ideas then while sitting or standing around a table? Providing a meeting space that can grow and adapt as needed. QMB combines a round bar height table with four fold-out stools to create a new type of seating experience. The fold out stools give the user the option to open up only the seats that are needed, then easily fold away the stools when finished. Social Seating on demand, face to face with friends sharing drinks, ideas and good times.”