refold cardboard desk

The first generation or two of standing desks were prohibitively expensive, but the health benefits of standing versus sitting have been so lauded that lower-cost options have been popping up all over the place. Now a foldable cardboard version called Refold is throwing its hat into the ring, and it looks promising.

sturdy and compact folding standing cardboard desk

The 100% recyclable kraft cardboard desk is surprisingly strong; it’s able to support the weight of a fully-grown man easily. It comes in three different sizes for users of different heights, and its only drawback may be that its height is not adjustable. It does, however, come with an extra set of legs to turn it into a sitting desk when needed.

slim lightweight cardboard desk

Refold comes in a carrying case with a handle and consists of six pieces. It goes from its flat state in the carrying case to a fully-functional desk in just two minutes with no glue or other fasteners.

folding lightweight cardboard standing desk

Unexpectedly for a cardboard design, the Refold desk can be disassembled and reassembled so you can take your office with you no matter where you go. Refold was developed with philanthropy in mind; the company behind it is working with UNICEF to supply Refold desks to a school in the Pacific Islands. Their Kickstarter campaign includes options to send pieces or whole desks to the school.