frey desk

It’s tough to find a piece of office furniture that does everything you need it to do, but the Frey Desk might be just that piece of furniture. The CNC-cut wooden desk goes from a sitting desk to a standing desk to a drafting desk to an easel, and comes with fully adjustable shelves.

adjustable desk base

The setup consists of two notched towers into which the components easily slot. The desktop is attached with hinges to two legs. As the desktop moves up or down the assembly, it can be angled until it’s at the right degree for a drafting table surface or an art easel. Or, the legs can be moved as well to keep the desktop surface level. With a few easy adjustments you can move between a sitting desk and a standing desk.

Frey’s Kickstarter campaign had a very modest goal which it successfully reached. According to Nathan Frey, the inventor of the desk, most of the money will go toward presentation and sales. As he very endearingly proves in the promotional video above, Frey’s strengths lie in inventing and production, not so much in the presentation of his idea. The Kickstarter versions of the Frey desk ran between $325 and $521, which is probably indicative of what the retail price will be once the product hits the market.

frey desk surface

Who’s this for?

Creative people.  You do different things all the time.   Projects develop in unforeseen ways.  This single piece of furniture can accommodate a huge variety of creative processes.  I use it to paint, create layout drawings, wire electronics, carve architectural ornaments, and as a computer desk.  The shelf is handy for books and my stereo speakers.  It’s great for the home or office.  The desk is portable enough to take to a job site for architects and supervisors.”

frey desk creator

“I originally conceived the design for the Frey Desk after the birth of my first daughter.  At that time, I began spending big chunks of time at home away from my studio, and I was in the middle of a carving project.  As I carved at home, hunched over the kitchen table, sewing table or garden table,  the pain in my back told me that I needed an ergonomic workspace.”