Sunny Spanish home

In the Spanish town of A Coruña, OCO Studio built a spacious sun-filled home. With the liberal use of glass and open space, the home’s visual space is increased tremendously. From the street, the stone house looks traditional, much like the homes that surround it. The interior, however, is more modern, spacious and flexible enough that it could be used as a family home or a mixed-use residential and studio space.

Copia ma Bares

Spacious open plan home design

The home’s open plan allows light to enter from all directions and to pass through the house at all angles. The stairs have no risers to allow more light to penetrate the interior of the home.

The public areas of the home appear to have double height thanks to the strategic placement of skylights and an open glass mezzanine. Stone walls add rustic charm to the otherwise-modern interior. But a modern slate wall opposite the fireplace – complete with randomly placed circular cutouts – blends with that rustic element and acts as another means for light to freely flow through the home.

Part of the floor in the main living area is composed of laminated glass. This allows light to pass freely down to the ground level. This level is home to a large storage area with lighted opaque glass and a beautifully bright polished stone floor.

The very top level houses an open mezzanine with a spacious slanted ceiling. The skylights in the home’s roof and the high mezzanine windows connect the main level of the home and the mezzanine, with light passing through the glass dividing wall and down into the living area.

Double height rooms and skylights

Stone contrasts with glass and wood

It is a house between medians, low plus a floor and undercover, in which the section is considered the fundamental element for the configuration of the space, although it was already in the configuration prior to this rehabilitation. That is, the spatial structure of the pre-existing building is maintained almost entirely, but double-height spaces are created, free heights are corrected, spaces are cleaned and an axis of natural light is created that crosses the housing in its main body from east to west, from the access doors and through the staircase. Which does not have risers to promote this visual axis.”