Architects are enthralled by the possibilities of cargo containers as building blocks, to the point where many designs that use shipping containers as design elements celebrate them stylistically as well. Not everyone, however, wants to live inside a steel crate originally designed to be shipped overseas.


While this wooden prefab structure does collapse into a cargo container-sized unit for portability, once shipped it barely resembles its origins. In fact, with volumetric extensions at well-chosed intervals and a facade with varying visual rhythms and physical textures, the Drop House looks very much like any high-quality, site-specific modern wood-and-glass home might.


The interior tells a similar story. The static, continuous lines of the original linear box form are broken up by interior wall elements and the stark white spaces are softened through the use of warm wood flooring, cabinetry, ladder and shelves. While some people might revel in new technologies and be content with cargo container home plans, others may prefer a more familiar feel and look to their structure and spaces.