Colani Rotor prefab house from above

Even the sleek windowed wood exterior of this curvilinear pod house by Hanse Haus can not be compared to how cool the interior is. The centerpiece of this brilliant design: a rotating cylinder adjacent to the living area that contains four rooms that can be rotated into view, saving on critical circulation normally sucked up by hallways and other support spaces.

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Colani rotating rooms house
Colani rotating rooms bathroom

At just under 20 square feet, the central spinning cylinder is controlled by remote so that bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are all available at the push of a button. Each of these rotating rooms is color-themed and each entrance is curved for a combination of safety and aesthetic reasons.

Though it is unique at the moment and was custom designed for a young professional couple, the mass-production potential of such a modular prefab unit seems its most compelling attribute. The space saving aspect of the interior design in particular should be applicable in all kinds of situations.

The company now offers a wide array of other designs to choose from, as well.

Colani prefab rotating house
Colani designer

Would you like to buy a single-family house? With a prefabricated home from Hanse Haus, your new home will be finished in no time at all. If you’re thinking of buying a single-family house, you should also consider building one yourself. This is because the planning and construction of a prefabricated house requires hardly any more time than searching for a finished single-family house for sale.”

“When you buy a new prefabricated house, you decide how large it should be, how the rooms should be arranged and which extensions – such as a carport, conservatory or wall dormer – you would like.”

Colani Rotor prefab house facade

“Let yourself be inspired by our well thought-out house proposals  – because our Hanse Haus Architects have planned a large selection of houses for you. The Variant prefabricated house with a pitched roof , the Vita pent roof house , the Cubus house with a flat roof  or the villa with a tent or hip roof  – they all serve as the basis for your individual dream house.”

Check out the whole selection of modern prefabricated houses, attached, detached or semi-detached, on the Hanse Haus website.