Taste in couches is almost as personal as taste in clothes. After all, your soft upholstered seating is probably among the most lived-in objects in your home, and everything about it has to be just right for your needs, from its style to its comfort level.

Newly released in 2020, these six sofa options include a little something for everyone: artsy, retro, bohemian, classic, and family-friendly. Hewing to the prevailing design trends of the year, they’re also modular, customizable, and made to last.

Swyft’s Snap-Together Sofa

Swyft's stylish, modular Model 01 Sofa

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If you love the flat-pack ease of bringing home a sofa from IKEA but long for a much easier assembly process (and higher quality), London startup Swyft has just the thing for you. Their new Model 01 features pieces that simply click together using the company’s “Swyft-Lok” mechanism, so transporting it is a breeze. Plus, with its sleek silhouette and gorgeous color choices, it’s a versatile fit for many interior design styles. It’s available in sofa, loveseat, and chair styles, with the three-seater retailing at £995 (about $1,230).

Burrow’s Slope Nomad Sofa

Burrow's Slope Nomad Sofa is a breeze to fold up and reconfigure.

Midcentury modern diehards will appreciate the understated beauty of Burrow’s Slope Nomad Sofa, “the essential sofa reinvented for modern life.” Though it’s a looker, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Not only does it boast an award-winning modular design, making it easy to move, it also has cool features like a built-in USB charger. It’s made with strengthened steel pins, galvanized latches, precision milled Baltic Burch, and tight stain and scratch-resistant olefin fiber weave to stand up to whatever your family can throw at it. Prices start at $1,395, and you can customize the fabric color, leg finish, and even the style of the arms.

La Manufacture’s Luizet by Luca Nichetto

La Manufacture's sculptural Luizet couches make a big statement for being so small and sophisticated.

Sculptural and fun, the Luizet by designer Luca Nichetto is a modular sofa system that invites you to take an active part in its design. You can choose from different shaped elements like round, D-shaped, cylindrical, or square cushions and various backrests on an elegant metal frame. Put them together however you like for whatever your needs may be at the moment. It’s available at La Manufacture Paris; contact them for pricing.

Helix Allform

Simply put, the Allform couch from Helix is a classic, comfortable piece.

Handmade in the USA using quality materials like specially treated hardwood, the Allform sofa is three inches wider and two inches deeper than most and features “Flexilator” seated suspension for extra body-conforming comfort. That’s no surprise, considering it’s made by personalized bed company Helix. Continuing the trend toward modular designs, this sofa is also designed to be totally customizable, so you can create configurations ranging from compact options for small apartments to enormous eight-seat sectionals. They start at $1,431.

Anthropologie’s Asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa

Anthropologie's asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa is classy and one-of-a-kind.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? This asymmetrical sofa at Anthropologie is sort of like an updated version of a fainting couch — dramatic, stylish, and comfortable with a glamorous retro flair. Inspired by Italian design, it features removable brass legs and can be customized to your preferred shade of velvet, slub velvet, or chenille upholstery in shades ranging from rich marine blue to pastel rosewater pink (and by the way, this level of customization is available on many sofas at Anthropologie). Pricing starts at $2,798.

Note Design Studio’s Supersoft Modular Sofa for Fogia

Note Design Studio's Supersoft Modular Sofa for Fogia reminds us of a cozy modern cloud.

One glance tells you this couch is made for lounging, not just looking nice in a room. “Supersoft” by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio for Fogia takes inspiration from the comfortable practicality of Southern European furniture, managing to combine a casual feel with a high-end appearance. Contact Fogia for pricing.