IKEA is beloved by people around the world for its affordability, unfussy modern designs, and the ease of loading and unloading its flat-pack furniture boxes. But the process of assembling your new IKEA bed frame, bookshelf, or wardrobe is notoriously confusing and time-consuming, and depending on how durable it is, you might have to repeat the process all over again every time you move.

RÅVAROR, IKEA's ultra-portable new collection of flat-pack furniture.
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A new collection of furniture and accessories aims to solve that problem by appealing directly to people who move often and tend to live in small spaces. RÅVAROR consists of more than 20 items that can quickly infuse small spaces with the comforts and convenience of home, including couches, a daybed, a mini kitchen, open storage solutions, lighting, textiles, and storage boxes.

Revealed at the company’s annual Democratic Design Days press event, RÅVAROR’s primary selling point is its adaptability. The set is minimalist and compact, and every element can be broken down into pieces that are easy for a single person to carry, even if you have to navigate flights of stairs. It’s scaled down significantly from your average living room furniture set, but for people living in spaces that measure under 250 square feet, that’s a good thing.

“More and more people are living and moving into cities. Approximately an extra 1.5 million people join the urban population every week. Living spaces are shrinking, and for many people the concept of home is no longer a geographical constant; it’s a space that’s here today, and maybe somewhere else tomorrow,” reads the company’s press release on the collection.

RÅVAROR, IKEA's ultra-portable new collection of flat-pack furniture.

“Our starting point and creative idea was the reality of urban life. We asked ourselves; what is needed to turn a small space, such as 12 square meters [129 square feet], into a home? And what is needed to create that homely feeling even though you might be moving on to a new place soon?,” says Viveca Olsson, Creative leader, IKEA of Sweden.

“There is a rapidly growing urban population and people are living in smaller spaces as well as moving more often than before,” Olsson continues. “With RÅVAROR we wanted to create a few key items that have a new level of versatility, functionality, and simplicity. And when it is time to move, it should be easy to pack everything up, stack them together, and relocate to your next home.”

Obviously, RÅVAROR isn’t for everyone. People who like to spend a lot of time at home might find it worthwhile to place more of an emphasis on comfort than portability, even if it means hiring movers. But for many urbanites, home is just a place to crash and store belongings, with the city outside serving as their living rooms and kitchens.

RÅVAROR, IKEA's ultra-portable new collection of flat-pack furniture.

The collection is also neutral enough that you could treat it like a blank canvas, using it as a backdrop for items that express your personality and tastes. And if it’s popular enough, maybe IKEA will eventually offer additional colors and styles that are just as easy to transport.

RÅVAROR will be available beginning in September 2020, so be sure to check back with us for updates on this exciting new collection.