Introducing M.A.Di

It’s been said time and time again that tiny houses are the future. With consumers wanting to live more sustainably — and with less in general — these days, it seems like there’s currently a huge market for homes that aren’t so huge. M.A.Di is one such foldable modular living unit, and it can be constructed for lesiure, hospitality, or residential use. This earthquake-resistant building can also be utilized to create temporary villages for sporting events, fairs, and natural disaster first aid facilities.

M.A.Di M.A.Di

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The M.A.Di’s revolutionary design is a good solution to many of the world’s major housing crises. It grows, moves, and changes depending on what the user wants to do with it, making it highly customizable. Of course, the home was primarily designed with today’s minimalistic millennial generation in mind, combining comfortable design, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly materials to deliver a high-quality living experience.

Designed and created by Italian brand Area Lengo, M.A.Di was introduced to the world by project manager Domenico Antonucci, who described it as a sort of universal living space: “We believe everyone in the world should be able to afford a home. This is MADi.”

M.A.Di’s Environmental Impact


M.A.Di’s design allows the soil underneath it to fully recover, assuming that the home is temporarily being placed on level ground. The structure doesn’t require foundations, though if anchoring is necessary, it can be done using screw piles. When the building is no longer in use, it can be folded and stored, transported and used again. In its most basic form, the building is energy class B, but there is an option to alter this upon request so that it is class A or even A++. Solar panels can be added to make the home energetically independent, enhancing its connection with nature without impacting it negatively.

A M.A.Di building can be lived in within two days of its construction, heavily reducing the cost of land to your convenience. Because of its unique unfolding technique, a M.A.Di construction is recognized as a movable property — one that can be erected and taken down in six or seven hours using just three workers.

The Freedom to Create

Customizing M.A.Di means having the power to create a temporary home (or a permanent one) wherever you want for far less than the cost of traditional housing. It gives you the opportunity to choose dimensions and alter the materials to suit your aesthetic and budget. It’s easy to set up, totally portable, safe, and cozy: everything you could ever want from a good tiny house.

M.A.Di M.A.Di M.A.Di

The home’s exterior panels are finished with fir slats in the color of your choice, though they can also be customized to include windows and/or glass. There are also numerous other options for finishes, including fiberboard panels and aluminum.

The M.A.Di’s water, electricity, sanitary, air conditioning, and drainage systems have all been pre-installed, as have two basic modules of a living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground floor and two bedroom areas upstairs. The two bedrooms can sleep five or six guests comfortably, though the amount of modules you end up including in your M.A.Di is ultimately up to you.

Get yourself on the path to a sustainable future by getting in touch with the M.A.Di developers today.