Imagine what you could accomplish if you could focus exclusively on a single task for hours on end. The founders at Potential X have combined earbud design with mind-reading technology with exactly that goal in mind.

Young woman uses her FocusBuds to boost her productivity and get her work done more efficiently

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Appropriately named “FocusBuds,” these earbuds actually study your brain and work with your natural biorhythms to improve your focus and productivity. This process, known as EEG Neurofeedback, isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for decades now, helping NASA astronauts, athletes, and corporate CEOs perform their best. But FocusBuds is still the first product to bring this technology to the average consumer.

Here’s how it works. The user wears the brain-scanning product like a pair of regular earbuds. When turned on, EEG biosensors scan the activity of your brain, gathering and calculating data along the way. With this information, the program is able to evaluate your focus levels based on 400 unique metrics. In the end, this means it knows when you work best, how long you can maintain focus, and during which activities you are most distractible. FocusBuds uses this data to then provide you with audio cues that redirect you when you become distracted, keeping you on track and improving efficiency.

Promotional materials highlighting the FocusBuds' stand-out features

The inspiration for FocusBuds came when Sahin Ozsoy, co-founder of Potential X, ran across data showing that the average person reportedly takes 23 minutes to focus, but is interrupted roughly every 11 minutes. Feeling this lack of focus himself when working in public places, he decided to use his background in EEG and signal processing to come up with a solution.

Ozsoy and his team have since found that EEG Neurofeedback increases the brain’s ability to get into a flow or highly focused state quickly, even when the earbuds are removed later on. Essentially, the device teaches the brain to remain focused even when surrounded by potential distractions.

Promotional materials highlighting the FocusBuds' stand-out features

In addition to providing instant feedback regarding your level of focus, FocusBuds also monitors your activity for a bigger overall picture of your concentration prowess, and will provide reports with information showing peak focus periods and top distractions. This allows you to avoid certain environments and inefficient habits. With this information at your disposal, you can reorganize your schedule to complete difficult tasks during your most natural productive times and rest during unfocused times.

FocusBuds are much more than a mind trainer. They also offer a superior earbud product with a proprietary noise-isolation sound seal technology that blocks out highly distracting noises while providing a low-level background murmur. Think of it as white noise rather than complete silence. Of course, if you prefer to listen to music, FocusBuds not only provides premium audio, but the EEG Neurofeedback actually tracks what type of music makes you most productive. There’s also an embedded microphone for one-touch call connect, and Bluetooth 5.0 so you can wirelessly connect to all your devices.

Young man uses his FocusBuds to boost his productivity and get his work done more efficiently

FocusBuds are currently trending on Indiegogo, with a campaign that was fully funded within the first hour of being launched. Now nearly 1000 percent funded, the campaign ends the last week of November, with shipments of the final product set for Spring 2020.