What do a laundry bag basket, bar, rack and hamper have in common? They are all clothes storage systems and drying solutions take up space – and tend to look rather out of place inside of a room. It is no wonder so many of us give up and simply turn our furniture into an ersatz dryer.

First, this system solves the classic problem of having a single object somewhere in your small space (such as fold-out rack that needs area on all sides) since each of these wall-leaning hangers can be placed against any spare surface.

Second, though the solution is more dispersed than a solitary unit would be it is just as collapsible as the alternatives – when not in use, you can simple stack and store these sorter hangers out of the way somewhere (or treat them as abstract modern decor!).

Finally, Stephanie Estoppey, the designer of these clever laundry hanging system, illustrates how they can animate a space. Suddenly, instead of laundry laying out and looking like an eyesore it becomes part of the aesthetic of an interior – almost like decorating the room (though it may perhaps be a good idea to skip this step with your more private undergarments).