Modern retro furniture design can be strangely compelling, almost trapped in time – caught between contemporary forms and classic styles. While these furniture pieces by UntoThisLast are distinctly modern in some regards they definitely also add elements of retro-futurism to current interior designs.

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Unto This Last shelves

Almost like spheres pushes through the wall, their shelving units fit well within the company motto of “cut to size” – each seems like a custom piece but is priced as a mass-produced furniture object. In fact, for fans of the Arts & Crafts Movement, these designers named their very company after the last book written by John Ruskin – a man who strongly advocated a return to hand-made interior design objects and unique custom-crafted home decor.

Unto This Last interior design

One could almost, but not quite, imagine finding these designs in a decades-old catalog for sale alongside x-ray vision glasses and muscle-growing secrets, or perhaps housing such magazines on their shelves.

Unto this Last

While there is retro flair in these modern designs, they are also intended to fit well with other pieces of contemporary furniture and household furnishings. Devoid of context, however, it is easy to imagine them belonging in some forgotten future past.

What’s cool about this company goes beyond their creative vision. They believe strongly in manufacturing at the point of sale, right where their customers can watch them build their products. That level of transparency makes them accountable to their promises, and shows off the level of quality they commit to.

Unto This Last workshop

“Our process allows us to produce with no transport or warehousing costs, and without the risk of overstocking. With direct delivery to our clients (in London only) we also do away with packaging. This enables us to compete on prices, in spite of our small scale. We invest in a logic of proximity when most of competitors are relying on long distance supply chains. Efficiency is what our business is about.”