modern retro cool furniture
Modern retro furniture design can be strangely compelling, almost trapped in time – caught between contemporary forms and classic styles. While these furniture pieces by UntoThisLast are distinctly modern in some regards they definitely also add elements of retro-futurism to current interior designs.
modern retro furniture
Almost like spheres pushes through the wall, their shelving units fit well within the company motto of “cut to size” – each seems like a custom piece but is priced as a mass-produced furniture object. In fact, for fans of the Arts & Crafts Movement, these designers named their very company after the last book written by John Ruskin – a man who strongly advocated a return to hand-made interior design objects and unique custom-crafted home decor.
modern retro interior design
One could almost, but not quite, imagine finding these designs in a decades-old catalog for sale alongside x-ray vision glasses and muscle-growing secrets, or perhaps housing such magazines on their shelves.
modern retro storage ideas

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While there is retro in these modern designs they are also intended to fit well with other pieces of contemporary furniture and household furnishings – devoid of context, however, it is easy to imagine them belonging in some forgotten future past.