three style door

When is a door not a door? When it is three doors (all ajar!) of course. We pass through entrances and exits all the time, but aside from differences in transparency, style and material there is little variation from one entry door to the next exit portal when it comes to the basic shape, scale or function.

child size door

ThreeStyle adds a humble but critical twist to the typical contemporary door – nothing too off-the-wall in terms of its aesthetic, but novel in its approach on a more fundamental level. It offers three sizes in one: toddler size, kid size and adult size.

Simple metal handles sit on wood-paneled frames which, in turn, stack neatly within one another like nesting dolls or something out of Alice’s Wonderland. While it is not their only offering, SlamDoors Ltd.‘s line of modular doors is led by this innovative new approach to a design object as old as the idea of dwelling itself.

“ThreeStyle, is an introduction into the potential of these passive gateways between environments, commonly known as doors. A functional piece of contemporary design playfully exploring possibility? A way of introducing innovative interactive features into a living space?”

“Or an obvious progression, giving the little people in our lives a greater connection with their environment during their growth through childhood? We welcome your thoughts and views…”

door that grows with you

“ThreeStyle is primarily an expression of contemporary design, exploring and pushing what can be done with the humble door.”

“However, there’s know denying that it’s of interest to the little people in our lives.  Through Threestyle we can give the younger people in the world a greater connection with their environment during their growth through childhood. But regardless of age, it’s hard to resist a door like this. Imagine the possibilities behind it… who knows what you might find.”