Power naps have been proven over and over to boost brain power and make you more productive at work. Unfortunately not many employers approve of on-the-job sleeping, but for those few lucky enough to have napping benefits, this combination desk and bed is perfect.

The streamlined modern desk bed was designed by¬†Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL. It’s a clever combination that starts with a sleek white desk. It opens up to become a semi-private resting place for after-lunch snoozes.

Slide the desktop back a bit, fold the back down inside the leg space to create the mattress and lower one side a bit, and the desk is transformed into a small bed perfect for a mid-day catnap – complete with an inclined pillow.

The interior of the desk even includes a small TV so you can fall asleep to your favorite movie or just recline while you watch a little reality TV and zone out for a bit. The desk bed could be great not only for offices, but for people who combine living and working in tiny apartments.