Although most of us can agree that a home is a static assortment of rooms with a semi-permanent arrangement of furniture and fixtures, there is no reason this definition has to be unflinchingly strict. What about those of us who live in impossibly tiny spaces? Shouldn’t we all be allowed to make our homes conform to our own needs and wants?

The Unfolding Apartment project from Normal Projects takes a tiny 450-square-foot apartment and turns it into a series of highly functional rooms. It accomplishes this seemingly impossible task with the use of a huge customized cabinet that can be folded, manipulated, changed and revised over and over to give the resident unprecedented living space freedom.

The apartment’s distinguishing feature, the huge folding/unfolding cabinet, takes on a different shape for every function the host wants the space to serve. It goes from a cozy sleeping area to a sophisticated party space to a dedicated office area. The unusual apartment even manages to squeeze a guest bedding area into the almost-impossibly tiny space.

This inspiring project deals not only with the intelligent utilization of a very small space; it explores the possibilities of maximization through minimization. By taking away all of the traditional rooms and clutter of a larger apartment, do the designers give the resident of this tiny abode the freedom to truly use his space in the most efficient way possible?

No matter how big or how small your own living space, it would be nearly impossible to examine this project without feeling inspired to explore more efficient uses of your own home. A dual-purpose piece of furniture here, a cleverly hidden functionality there…the hidden possibilities sitting right in our own homes are nearly infinite.