Clutter-Free Logica Kitchen System

Everything you need in a kitchen, from appliances to cooking implements, is at your fingertips – yet quickly out of sight – in this smart clutter-free kitchen design. The Logica Kitchen System by Italian kitchen company Valcucine offers a place for absolutely everything you can think of, as well as sliding electrical cord systems for small appliances like toasters and mixers.

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Clutter-Free Logica Kitchen System closed

Valcucine painstakingly researched the ways in which we interact with our kitchens, determining the best possible layout for optimal convenience and organization. The system consists of a work surface with sinks and burners and an ‘equipped back section’ that can be placed against the wall or used in an island in the middle of the room.

Clutter-Free Logica Kitchen System closing panels

This back section is fitted with plate, knife and bottle racks, hooks for utensils, and storage space for virtually every kitchen implement you can think of as well as a cooker hood, monitor and adjustable sockets. Small storage compartments hold items like spices.

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The best part is, when you’re not using the kitchen, you can simply pull down the sliding cabinet doors for a clean look that’s entirely clutter-free.

Clutter-Free Logica Kitchen System open

“This is a special element that offers a number of possible systems. More silent than a floating feather: the upper lift-up doors and the lower sliding doors open and shut gently to reveal all the accessories of the back panel, a patented element that can be equipped to meet the user’s requirements and can even house a cooker hood. The space and the light from the light panel allow for a feeling of lightness, order and formal cleanliness of the carcass. “

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About Valcucine:

“Valcucine has been standing out in the kitchen sector for over thirty-five years, focusing on wellbeing, innovation and timeless kitchens, that are made to last. Each collection is designed with people in mind to create products that contribute to the wellness and needs of the user. The company has earned a reputation for its dedication to improving the ergonomics and the use of space. This has led to the Logica System, which was created in the 90s. The innovative and ergonomic system features an equipped back section, jumbo drawers and wall units with lift-up doors that makes it easier to work in the kitchen because everything is within hand’s reach.”